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  • The Fit Experience

    We have been fitting the greater Las Vegas valley for 20 years, and we want your experience to be unlike any other. Our 4-step fit process will capture information about your feet that our Running Consultants will use to provide you with the best fit possible. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal!


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    1. Pronation

    We'll watch you walk in the store or run/walk on the treadmill. We'll record your steps to see if you are pronating while you move. This will help our Running Consultants determine if you need a neutral or stability shoe.


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    2. Arches

    We'll check your arches to determine if they need any support! The process takes about 10 - 15 seconds and you see what we do! We'll show you your arch and talk to you about what can help your arches.


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    3. Width & 4. Size

    We'll use a Brannock scale to check the width and size of your feet. This will help our Running Consultants pick the right shoe for you! When we find the length, width, and size from the Brannock device, an optimally sized shoe can be found. Our running consultants are experienced in using these metrics from the analysis of your foot, to match your feet with shoes to go the distance!

    Come in and experience this personalized fit process for yourself! 

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